Blink Blink Blink

As we were wrestling tonight, which has now turned into a four person brawl in our house (Rett is still a little hesitant, but he usually ends up joining his bros), Kase and Gus were attempting to take me down. Then when they failed, they would get back up, say “Blink blink blink,” and try again.

Does it mean that children are playing too many video games when, in real life “fighting” they come back blinking?

If you are not familiar with this video game nuance, let me try to explain it. When you character dies, instead of having to start a level from the beginning, you get to start at the same spot that you were at. For a few seconds while you re-orient your character, you are invincible. And it is during this moment of invincibility that your character is blinking.

Just imagine how much fun it could be if we “blink blink blink” worked in every day life!

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