Version Jumping

I *heart* Firefox. I really do. I think it is the best browser on the market by far. And unlike Internet Explorer (aka IE) (which I am sad to say that most of you use), it allows customizations. And it is not buggy and requiring all the patches that IE does also. It is better, stronger, and faster.

However, I do admire Google’s Chrome. Here is a brand new browser that is ultra fast, and with it’s new version 4, allows for some of the same customizations that Firefox does.

My problem is that Firefox is tried and true, and been around for several, several years, with it’s roots going all the way back to Netscape (back when it was the dominant browser, before Microsoft got all illegal to destroy the competition) and is at a solid version 3.6. It started as a version 1 in November 2004. That means it took about five years to get to where it is today.

But Chrome has already surpassed Firefox at the version game. Chrome came to the market at version 1 in December 2008, and a year later, now stands at version 4. Hello!? What? You can’t do that! To me, that is cheating. They are upping their version to make it look like a more mature browser. I don’t like that. I like Chrome, but I don’t like them cheating on their version number. Imagine if you had to pay for each release. If that were the case, you would have already chipped out a lot of money for Chrome. And is it really that much improved from version 1 that is now 1 year old?

OK, I am alright. Really. I will just stop ranting and start dreaming over what the Apple announcement tomorrow will be.

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