Florida Trip – Day 3

Saturday, March 4:

  • No pictures from Saturday, but more will come on “Sunday”.
  • We slept in late today, so we won’t be going to any parks. Just a lazy day, maybe cruise around in the car a little.
  • Decided to head North on International Drive (I-Drive) (look at that, this road is so popular, it has it’s own web site).
  • I-Drive is the big “strip” in Orlando that has anything and everything. At the South end is Disney, at the North end is Universal, and Sea World is in the middle. Our resort was between Disney and Sea World.
  • Universal has this thing called CityWalk. It is their own little shopping/dining/entertainment district. It is free, so we thought we would check it out, maybe get a Spidey shirt for the boys. Well, it is free, but they want to charge to park. And adding $9 just for having the “privelage” of the shopping experience did not sound like fun to me. So, we skipped Universal entirely.
  • Cruise back down to the South end and into Disney. We headed for Downtown Disney, which I had checked, and it did have free parking. Spent a bunch of money, got some gifts for people, and had a good time. We decided we would be doing our list of Disney parks on Sunday.
  • Went back to our resort, spent some time in the pool and just lazing around. Got ready for a long day on our feet as we hit Epcot, Animal Kingdom, and MGM Studios on Sunday.
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