Hyundai (rhymes with Sunday) rocks

What a horrible drive this morning!

Come on people, we live in Wisconsin! Do you really have a problem driving over 40 mph? Where are all those people who brag about their 4 wheel drive?

Actually, my commute wasn’t so bad. That is until I got to Sun Prairie. Before that, I was comfortably going 65 in the right lane, which was in “good winter condition.” When I was in the left lane, which I would call “snow covered and slippery,” I dropped down to 55, but still felt comfortable at that. Maybe it is just because my car is so light and nimble, it floats over the snow and drives fine. Maybe it is because I enjoy winter driving. Maybe it is because I know I live in Wisconsin, and therefore expect and anticipate the roads to be slippery, so I don’t FREAK OUT when the weather turns slightly for the worse.

Even once in Madison, I was moving at a decent pace when I didn’t get stuck behind someone with their hands clenched on their steering wheel and foot always on the brake. I anticipated lights being green, so I started a slow crawl while it was red, so I wouldn’t spin my tires just jumping on the gas. It worked, and nobody, even the 4 wheel drive people, beat me off the line this morning.

I can’t wait to go out for lunch!

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