First ever cutting of the tree

Well, our family may have started a new tradition.

Earlier this week, Melody and I asked Kase and Gus if they wanted to cut down a Christmas tree, or just pick a pre-cut one. They both wanted to cut one down. And so our new tradition begins.

Kase, Gus, and I ventured to a tree place near Rio while Melody and Leverett stayed home and rested. Kase and Gus chose “field 14” to find our perfect tree. Of course, we parked by “field 12” so we had to walk a little bit, but it allowed us some time to throw pine cones at each other and take turns carrying our saw. Once there, three trees were chosen, based mostly on how far the Angel would be from the ceiling. Kase and Gus chose a 6 footer. I wanted something bigger, but since they picked it (and I knew Mel would approve of a smaller tree), the six footer was ours.

Slicing through the trunk was quick and painless, and a nice call of “timber” was yelled out before the final stroke. The boys used their muscles, and pulled the tree out of the woods (really, all by themselves). The tree was then vibrated and shook, got a cute red and white dress put on (must be a girl tree), and was strapped to the top of the van. It now sits in our living room, waiting full decoration tomorrow.

I have some pictures of the event, and I am sharing them with you via a new tool. As always, the pictures are low quality to improve your web experience, but if you want full versions for superior printing, I will be happy to upload those to you. Just let me know.

Here are the pictures of the 2009 tree cutting.

***the geeky stuff *** I will post more about Dropbox (my new photo sharing {and much more} tool) later this week, but if you want to get an early start on this great file sharing tool, please use my referral link. It will get you some free extra space, and me a little too!
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