Kase and Gus have bunkbeds. Actually, they have the bunkbeds that Tojo and I had growing up, that was built by our uncle Ken. A few months ago, after Kase being on top for the year or so that we had the beds, we started switching the boys every week, as far as who would be on top.

It turned out that Kase actually liked the bottom more.

A few weeks ago, we noticed that Kase was capable and enjoyed staying up a little later than Gus did. That sort of created a problem with them sleeping in the same room. Not a major problem, but enough to re-evaluate the sleeping situation. After discussing it with the boys, Kase’s first pick for sleeping was “on the bottom” in the yellow room. Gus’s first pick was “on the top” in the blue room. So, that is what we did.

Our three boys are now each in their own room. Gus is “on the top” with the bunkbed as a loft by removing the necessary pieces from the lower bed. Kase is in a stand-alone twin bed with a bookcase headboard. This is the actual bed Melody used growing up, don’t you like how we pass things on to our kids. I love it.

They both are getting so big, so fast. And Rett is trying hard to keep up. His crib has now been lowered to the lowest level. We probably did this too late, as he was able to get his foot over the top rail prior to lowering his bed. I think Rett will be our only boy that will actually climb his way out of the crib. Hopefully he won’t hurt himself when he does!

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