200 plus cleans us out!

In anticipation of about 150 Halloweeners this year, Melody and I picked up 192 bags of Halloween pretzels. We figured it would be plenty enough for the kids, plus a few for our lunches. Boy, were we wrong.

Columbus has it’s Trick-Or-Treating fun on Halloween if Halloween falls on a Sunday. Otherwise it is the Sunday before Halloween.

So, come 2:00 on October 25th, the kids started to pile into the neighborhood. We live in one of those neighborhoods where people show up with mini-vans and kids pile out. By about 4:30, we were out of our 192 bags, and kids were still coming. We ended up turning away dozens of kids. Kase and Gus were outside yelling, “Sorry, no candy here!” Unlike most years of our amazingly long four hour window of candy goodness, kids were still wandering the streets at 6 pm. I wonder if anybody had candy left.

Melody and I chalk it up to good weather. I raked in a T-shirt after the kids were done wandering the neighborhood, and a long sleeve T-shirt was plenty warm for generally being outside.

Anybody out there able to top our 200 kids? Now, what do we plan for next year?

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