2 year anniversary

Today is the two year anniversary of the first project in our Columbus house.

Two years ago yesterday, we closed and moved in on a Friday. The next day, we cut out a 30 inch section of kitchen cabinets and moved the oven to it’s current location. It had been in a “stand-alone” area next to the refrigerator, without any counter space on either side.

One week after that, we started the demolition of the second floor. And the rest is history…

For current house projects… The master bathroom has been tiled (although we are not using it yet). I will post some pictures of that sometime soon… We are still on schedule for a tentative October start for our first floor. Melody and I will be able to get that date more precise as we get closer to finishing Tom’s house (and shed), and as summer projects start getting wrapped up.

Keep tuning in.

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