Half Way

Nick and Sterling are somewhere around half way through their Europe biking trip. And as I expected, their updates to their web site have been limited and sparse.

Their last post was on September 14. Amazingly, they included some pictures of their adventure. But no comments are allowed, so I can’t even say, “Hey, that is a great picture of some river somewhere in the world!”

In other travel news, my siblings are out of state or will be soon. My bro and his wife headed to New Orleans for the weekend and the Bears game (and I think they abandoned their Japan trip website). My Sis will be soon or already is on her way to Disney World with her family for her eldest son’s birthday party. I heard you get in free to the parks on the day of your birthday. And to take it one step further, my Brother-In-Law CJ is working his butt off in NC. I wonder if he is doing any cycling while he is down there.

Now, if they ever checked my web site, they could see all the things I write about them. he-hee.

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  1. A brief email from Nick this morning states: “My laptop is now kaput and we are relying on public or paid internet access for the remainder of the trip.”

    I guess that means less updates, less often. Oh well, I can find better stuff to do!

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