Meet Figaro

There is a new addition to the Tadych family!

Figaro (Fig for short) is a 1 1/2 year old male cat. We got him from a coworker who became allergic to cats. Both Kasimir and Augustus love him already, and he has been great with them!
He has been shy so far (we just got him tonight),
but he is warming up to us.

Any suggestions on getting him used to Tinker?
Or should I say getting Tinker used to him?!?


  1. 1st Lancelot, now Figaro you ids are supposed to be dog people only. I have a feeling it will take Tinker awhile to share his space. By the way Fig is cute.

  2. In my defense, I have had three dogs (Nikki, Dusty, and Tinker) since I have left home. Oh, and I still am making semi-short term plans for a fourth canine.

    But, the opportunity was right, so we now have Figaro.

    Now, I just need to “figure” out what Figaro means, and where the cat disappeared to again!

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