One month to go

One month before the International Olympic Committee (IOC) makes it’s decision on what city will host the 2016 Olympic games. If you remember, Chicago is one of the four remaining cities, along with Tokyo, Madrid, and Rio de Janeiro.

Major criticisms for each city include:

  • Chicago took hits for uncertain financing, and some further away events (like those bicycling events proposed for Wisconsin)
  • Tokyo took a hit for the worst public support
  • Rio might be the front runner from the new report, but there is concern about hotal space, the media village, and hosting two major events (the Soccer World Cup in 2014)
  • Madrid has the highest public support, but it may not understand the complexity of delivering a multi-sport event

It seems that every city took hits for transportation. So that might make it a non-issue.

For more details, check out the Associated Press report (more for papers) or the Sports Illustrated synopsis (easier reading).

Go Chicago! I know you can do it!

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