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Happy First Day of School! Boy, it is nice to get the kids back into the school routine. Kase is a little nervous about his new teacher. Gus is looking forward to his new school building. And Rett is looking forward to some quiet time with mommy during the afternoons.

But, I just had to complain a little here, nothing about school or kids, just about products and merchandising. Melody and I were paging through the One Step Ahead children’s stuff catalog we recently got in the mail. We were trying to get some ideas for our third boy (has tons of hand-me-downs) and his upcoming birthday. We came across this one weird thing.

Let me say “We don’t want this!” With that out of the way, the 3-in-1 Activity Gym looks kind of cool. It has a very little swing, little slide, and a ball play area. The rules of it are “Supports 3 kids, up to 231 lbs. total. For ages 1-3.” Wow! Only 3 kids supported, as it has only 3 play things, but only 231 pounds! How will I ever fit my three 3-year-olds on that! Who even has 77 pound 3-year-olds? Come-on, I have heard childhood obesity is a problem, but this is just wacky.

OK, I am done.

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  1. And what about the fact that it comes with 50 balls for the ball pit…but pictured it is only 1/2 full and it has 150 balls in it!

  2. Actually, it has 250 balls in the picture. So that is an extra $50 beyond the base price to get what is pictured. Ouch.

  3. I’m still confused – since when does a ball pit need a weight limit? I’m thinking the extra bag-o-balls would be more fun than the gym.

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