“I am going to the ER with a cracked head”

Around 10:30 on the morning of Tuesday, July 28th, the subject of this post is just about the exact message that was left by Melody on my voicemail at work.

After a few moments of worry and a couple of “oh my gosh” thoughts, I was able to get hold of Melody. She said Kase cracked open his head, blood was everywhere, and they were driving to the Emergency Room. I said I would get their ASAP.

I told my supervisor, sent out an email to my team, and was out the door on my way to Columbus. I tried calling Melody, but I couldn’t get a hold of her (found out later her phone does not have a signal when she is in the ER). My one good thought was that if they are driving, it can’t be too bad since they are not in an ambulance.

I get to the hospital, get past the “security,” and went into the room… Kase was sitting on the gurney with a big smile on his face, and not a drop of blood to be seen. whew, I feel better already.

It turns out it was a puncture wound that caused the damage. A small skin wound on the top of his head that was probably caused by a stone. No broken skulls, or cracked heads. Just a lot of blood, because, well, that is what heads do when they get injured.

Kase was fine. The story goes that he was out on the sidewalk, and was pushing himself along on his skateboard while on his knees, using his hands to move. The skateboard stopped because of a stone jammed in the wheel, but Kase did not. His momentum tipped him forward, right so the top of his head landed on a small stone. Instant blood.

Now of course, he wasn’t wearing a helmet which would have prevented this whole boondoggle, but in hindsight, I wouldn’t have told him to wear a helmet if he was going to be on his knees on his skateboard. Bad parents, I know, but that is the way it has been (I am sure the ER doctor was giving me and Melody the evil eye about this). The helmet rule for our house is enforced when riding bikes in the street. Riding around the block we don’t force a helmet. Skateboarding being a bit more tricky, generally the boys have worn their helmets, and Kase does now all the time for skateboarding, but he didn’t on that Tuesday.

No glue, no stitches, just a scab. Kase even made it to his piano lessons at 12:30 that day. And was riding his bike that afternoon also.

So that is the story of our first ER visit with our boys. The ER doctor looked around the room at all three boys, and she thinks we will be back some day. She is probably right, but hopefully next time it will be for a different reason…

Did I mention I built a tree fort that has no sides or railings?

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  1. No sides or railing…bad parent, bad parent!
    You forogot to mention the trail of blood from the accident scene to our back door and the pool of blood on the deck next to the back door. Hence the trip to the ER by a mother that has never seen so much blood come from one of her children.

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