Parking Garage Locked

I got to work early today so I can leave early to attend the circus in Columbus (see the prior posting about the circus). Anyway, I got here so early, the parking garage was locked. That surprised me. But that also means most of the lights in the building are off too.

However, I don’t need to turn on any task lights in my office, since one of the “security” lights that is always on is right over my cube. Gotta love cubicle life.

And for those of you who want to know what I am doing with my spare computer time (I have different categories of spare time, my ‘general’ category of spare time is being spent building a tree fort, and I have had 0 time in that bucket lately), I am paging through around 8,000 photos from the bike weekend last week, looking for pics of my shining mug, and Chris’s face too.

Take some time, look for me, and let me know if you find me. As an incentive, I will give you this cute picture.

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