Once you learn…

Somewhere around a month ago, Melody and I got Kase up on his bike. Melody had the idea to go to an empty parking lot, and sure enough, literally, after two minutes of help, he was doing circles around the lot. Gus was trying, but needed more time.

Then last week, Gus and I went by ourselves to the parking lot, and after a few tries and some small motivational speeches, he was riding by himself.

Now Kase and Gus were riding, but they were not able to start by themselves.

Then on Sunday, when Kase and Gus were with Tracy, Kase tried by himself, and he did it! Our very proud boy showed us by biking around the corner. He was keeping it a secret from us. So, Kase, Gus (with me helping him start) and I went around the block several times, with some short stops at corners and other obstacles.

So yesterday (Monday), I was at home, and practicing with Gus, and now he is starting by himself too!

Today both boys have gone outside several times before lunch, and have gone around the block on their bicycles by themselves probably a dozen times. I am really amazed that my six year old and my four year old have picked up the bike balancing so quickly. It was just a short time ago when they were learning to walk… and speaking of learning to walk, Rett is opening a whole new chapter in that department!

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