Family Tree

I have always had a faint interest in a family tree. It has surfaced again, however slightly.

So, a new category on this web site is now “tree,” and this is where I will post info as I find it.

To start, tonight I found a file when doing some research on Melody’s side. I can always find something about her family, it is my family that causes me to search the web to the end of the earth.

So, check it out, all you Kulke’s and Kulke Wannabe’s:
FamilyTreeMaker – Sally Lauersdorf

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  1. This is a 70 page document…we are on page 36!
    I think I am related to everyone I went to school with at Immanuel. :-/

  2. I am trying to think of some witty comment to put in here, but nothing comes to mind. I guess I am just glad we are finally expanding that gene pool.

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