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Have you been enjoying my bike riding videos? I added three from my rides in Boulder Junction.

Look forward to special ride videos from this weekend’s ride. I am riding in the Boys & Girls Club of Dane County benefit ride. About 500 riders partake, so I hope to get a video of the big group, and maybe some scenes from Southern Dane County.

Check out my current videos, and the new videos next week, on my YouTube channel. And after you watched the video, please remember to click on the “sponsor me” link.

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  1. Hi Troy – where do I find your youtube channel? Woudl love to see some of the new videos.

  2. So you’re the reason I couldn’t get out of our driveway on Saturday! Still waiting for the notice that there is a ride going passed our house….

  3. Hi Amy — Click on the word YouTube in my post (the link was broke, and it is fixed now), and that should take you right there. If that does not work, plug into your browser. There are 12 videos from there, 11 of them from rides this year.

    Hola cousin Heather — Don’t expect a letter from the boys & girls club to notify you of their ride. If a benefit ride did that for everybody on the ride circuit, it would be hundreds of letters, if not thousands (for bigger rides). Mark your 2010 calendar for July 17 or July 24. They have used the same routes for three years now, I don’t expect a change next year.

  4. I don’t need a letter…maybe the date and the route in the local paper. I do subscribe to local news 🙂

  5. Wow, the local paper still exists!?! It is rather interesting to see how the newspaper industry will be changing in the next few years. The Amazon Kindle and other similar devices are making new markets and changing the landscape.

    We get the local Columbus paper too, but I don’t page through all 8 pages every week. More when I am bored, looking for something particular, or when it is winter.

    If I get a chance to do a follow-up survey for the ride, I will share your comments with the organizers.

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