Blue Rider Number

Your fundraising in 2008 earned you a position that was extremely close to our elite
Top 100 Big Cheese Club fundraisers.

In order for others to recognize your hard work and dedication, you will be wearing a blue rider bib throughout the weekend with a rider number corresponding to your fundraising status from 2008.

That was what the letter from the Wisconsin MS Society stated. I am so excited that all my family and friends helped propel me to that level last year!

This year will be my fourth year riding in the MS 150… and this year it’s more important than ever to support your favorite causes. For the first time in its history, the National MS Society is not accepting grant applications this summer… because quite simply, there is no money to give out. That is scary.

And that’s where you come in. I will make it easy on you and not ask you to ride or volunteer (both of which are great if you can), but you can simply donate to the cause. And if MS is not something you typically support, support the cause that’s close to your heart. Everyone is struggling this year and without funding, some of the most important research will not happen… making the cures we all hope and pray for even harder to reach.

Click on the bicycle in the upper right of this page to help out those that need it.

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