Bask in Sunshine

It is official. Melody and I are going to Florida.

We booked our plane, rental car, and hotel this past weekend, so we are locked in. We are very excited.

If you didn’t know, we decided to go this year as a five year anniversary trip. Yes, we will have been married five years in June. And on February 13th, it will be 9 years since we started dating.

So, an eraly anniversary trip, focused in the Orlando area. We plan to hit Kennedy Space Center, and maybe do some Universal Studios stuff, maybe Sea World too. Anybody have any suggestions on parks and how to get the best deals on tickets?

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  1. Yes, I have advise….we should have bought them with our rental car!! 🙁 Owell. xoxoxo
    ps-eraly is spelled early 😉

  2. Yeah for you guys!! I am assuming it is kid free…at least until 9 months after the trip 🙂

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