The reviews are in.

The first shower took place this morning with our unplanned new water heater, and Melody says, “It was great. I did not have to adjust the temperature during the shower at all. I always had to be turning up the temperature with the old water heater.”

Last night we replaced our 29 year old electric water heater with a new fancy-shmancy (technical term) natural gas power vent water heater. We knew it’s day would come, and it was on the shortlist to get replaced, but this week it showed new signs of weakness. As in the showers on Tuesday were luke warm at best.

So a couple of calls to line up the natural gas installation guy, a quick trip to Menards to buy a water heater, the help of a friend to carry it into the basement, and Tom showing up to work on the plumbing… and boom! New hot water for the Tadych family.

You know, because our week wasn’t busy enough already!

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