Leverett has changed his sounds again.

He likes to impersonate people, or sounds, that he hears a lot. The best example was a few weeks ago when Mel had laryngitis. What little voice she did have for three days, everything came out in a high, squeaky voice. So, for the next week, Rett made almost all his sounds in a high, squeaky sound. It was hilarious to hear, especially if you knew the reason.

Now he is into this guttural sound that seems to come from deep inside. I thought that maybe it was his impersonation of the boys yelling when they play. But after hearing Tinker growling at her food dish (which she has been doing a lot of lately), I think Rett is impersonating our dog. Gotta go with what you know, I guess.

In other progress, he is so close to rolling back to front. And once that starts, I don’t think we will be able to stop him. We already have a plan to get Kase’s and Gus’s toys out of harms way, and both the older boys have been instructed about it.

And this weekend he will get to enjoy a little bit of time splashing in the pool. Perhaps more excited about the weekend is Melody, who is looking forward to some quality time in the hot tub. Of course, the older boys are looking forward to some slides. And me? I am just looking forward to it all.

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