Did you see the accident on 894 last night? It was a head-on collision between two cars. It was then followed up by a live feed from inside a helicopter as it’s pilot went blind and crashed.

OK, it wasn’t real, but it was on the TV show Eleventh Hour on CBS. It is a show about a FBI scientist, or is he a scientist contracted by the FBI. Either way, the guy, Dr. Hood, is like a super science genius, and the FBI uses his skills to figure out the problems and catch the bad guys.

So last night, the show was in Milwaukee, WI, where a helicopter pilot went instantly blind, and crashed his huey and died. Then his pregnant wife went blind too. Dozens of others in the Milwaukee area were showing mercury poisoning symptoms too. But why?

Well, it pointed to the milk they were drinking, but it wasn’t a problem with the processing facility. “There must be a dozen farms in the area” exclaimed Agent Rachel, Dr. Hood’s FBI handler. “Actually, there are 26,” chipped in Agent Felix, the new guy. And Rachel rolled her eyes in a way that said, “How can there be that many?”

So, it must be the cows, but why? Well, it is what the vegetarian cows eat. Part of their diet is fish, and what a surprise, there is mercury in the fish in Wisconsin. But to get to the level of mercury poisoning that people and the cows are having, we find out that the Fish and Game Warden is poisoning a spot in Lake Michigan with mercury from antique barometers. hmmmm… Could the antiques be purchased in Columbus?

In the end, he goes to jail, or wherever the FBI takes him. And the widowed wife has her baby and makes a full recovery. And Lake Michigan will fix itself in 2 months. yeah!

I just love Wisconsin tie-ins. Don’t you?

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