2 month update

I know a lot of you are patiently waiting to know… Leverett had his two month update on November 10 (2 months minus 1 day).

Well, he is still a big boy. He checked in at 15 pounds, 13 ounces, and a length of 25 inches! His head circumference is 41.5 centimeters.

If you are into charting and comparing, that puts Rett at more than 95% on height and weight, and between 75 and 90 percent on head size.

Now the sad news. Because Rett is so big and growing so fast, he is no longer using his infant carrier as of last night. I installed the rear facing seat in the van, and the infant carrier is getting ready for storage.

Our little boy is growing up too fast!

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  1. I’ve been telling the women at work about your tiny infant and they are concerned that he may be malnourished. Just kidding. He had a head start with weight and height so he is progressing the way he should. Did he get his shots?
    Luv ya,
    Mom 🙂

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