Please dial me using the 920

The Wisconsin PSC ruled today that when the current 715 and 920 area codes run out of room, they will have new area codes overlaid for new customers starting in mid 2010.

I don’t like this at all.

In case you didn’t know, the 715 ad 920 area codes are running out of numbers, just like 414 had run out a long time ago. To fix the 414 problem, the PSC decided to split the area code, creating 920 (and later 262). While annoying, I thought it was a good solution. But the solution to the current area codes problem is bothersome.

For 920 and 715, the PSC voted today that the area codes will be overlaid. This means that 920 will be the same geographic area as it is now, but it will also have a new number sharing the same geographic area. Doesn’t sound too bad, except for when you want to call your new friends that just moved in across the street, and now instead of having to dial 7 numbers, you have to dial 11 numbers, because they are a different area code!

The simplest solution would have been to stop all those parents who let their kids have cell phones! Why does every middle school and high school (and a bunch of elementary school) student have a cell phone? I just don’t agree with this tactic or the belief that it makes family units stronger and increases family communication.

But I had my chance to let my voice be heard, and I failed to go to the meetings… Lucky for you, I own this blog, and I will still complain.

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  1. Here are the new numbers. You can ready your Rolodex for mid 2010.

    920 will be overlaid with 274
    715 will be overlaid with 534

    The introduction of the new area codes has no impact on rates for local or long distance calling. But, it will increase your amount of headaches.

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