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  • Happy Halloween!

    Posted on October 30th, 2008 troy 9 comments

    I hope you have as much fun going Trick-or-Treat in your neighborhood as we did. Columbus had Trick-or-Treat last week Sunday, so Kasimir, Augustus, and I dressed up in our costumes and terrorized the neighborhood (OK, I terrorized, they just saved everybody from me).

    Pictures are in this new gallery. Click the thumbnail below.

    Also, Tadych.us has a new feature. Over the years, I have tried hard to make a very presentable and easy to use website without asking you to install any software on your machine. Well, a new Gallery feature requires you to install Cooliris. Do it for a great experience viewing our photos. To get to the installation, just click on the photos above. When you are viewing, look under the picture, and you will find a link that says “View Slideshow.” Click this link, and a new slideshow will be shown. But, to make it even better, and 3D, follow the instructions in the upper right of the new window that says “SEE THIS IN 3D.” Trust me, you will be very happy that you did!


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    • Holy Bald Head Batman!!


    • Hee Hee. The things I do for my boys!

    • I think the look works…any plans to keep it?

      I grow more, you grow less…the world is balanced! 🙂

    • Sunday will be my last day to shave. That will make one full week plus 1 day for 8 “shaves”.

      I have been told the look works. At least now I know my head looks OK in case male pattern baldness sets in and I have to go this route permanently.

    • Thank you so much for enabling your site with Cooliris! I’m so glad that you are enjoying Cooliris and I hope that you and your readers will continue to enjoy using it!

      Also, just wanted to let you know that we have just released new content in our Discover feature in the Cooliris web client that includes full-length movies and TV episodes (courtesy of Hulu), edgier gossip in “Entertainment News,” a finance focus in the “Business” channel, full-reel tech shows in “Sci-Tech,” and more viral videos in “Around the Web.” Check it out at http://www.cooliris.com, and get back to us with any feedback you have!

      Lastly, we have just released Cooliris for iPhone! Learn more and download it at blog.cooliris.com or the iTunes store.

      Warmest regards,
      Jenny & The Cooliris Team

    • Please tell me you dressed up like that for work! If you decide to keep the smooth look, check out http://www.remingtonshortcut.com
      I just picked up one and it works like a charm. I don’t know if I’d try it on a unicycle, though…

    • I did put on the costume for work, but I stopped short of the painted head. I just didn’t want to do a hole day of painted fun.

      My schedule says tomorrow is the last day for the full head shave. The blade has been working good, and because of the texture of my hair, I don’t think the shortcut would look good.

    • great pictures. I love the 3D effect. Not too sure about the bald head, though. But, I bet it was great for Halloween. The pumpkins were really cool. I liked the VOTE
      Luv ya,

    • By the time Thanksgiving comes around, my hair should be more normal! I am glad I can shave my head on not have it look too bad (in fact, some said it looked really goood!).

      I am glad you got Cooliris installed and working, and that you like it!

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