School update

So, we managed through the first day of school.

Kase is now on his first full day, after just an hour preview with parents yesterday. According to Melody, he is doing just fine.

Oh, and Melody is doing fine with sending her big boy off to Kindergarten. So far.

Long story made longer… I stayed home on Tuesday to help get the school year started. Gus had an hour preview with parents Tuesday morning, and Kase had his preview Tuesday afternoon. Of course, siblings were strongly not recommended for either session, so I took each boy to school, and Melody stayed home with the other one.

Gus started good. He did some coloring, and put together a bunch of puzzles. We did some fishing, and he kept calling me “grandpa.” He was doing his pretend thing, and usually fishing is done with grandpa. Hopefully none of the other parents heard and thought, “Wow, he is young to be a grandpa!” He got to enjoy just a handful of the toys, with most of them being brand spanking new because of the flood damage this Summer (on Thursday, he already can’t wait to play with all “160” of them). Then I told Gus to play with some blocks, because I had to talk to his teacher. This was my attempt to get him to play on his own, and break out of his dependency. It worked… for ten minutes. Then another boy came over and wanted to play with him. Gus got scared, looked around for me, and didn’t see me, and got up and ran for the door. Luckily, the outside door was closes, so he didn’t escape, but my fear of all summer came true as Gus tried to make his escape. I got him back in the play area, and his teacher came over right away and calmed him down, but I can’t help but wonder how Thursday, his first day without mom or dad, will go. In the 35 year history of the preschool, no children have ever tried to escape. I fear Gus might try to be the first. In the end, Gus said his favorite part was the Clifford story at the end. Maybe the teachers can use that as means to keep him in school for the two hours.

Kase loved his kindergarten session in the afternoon. There was story time, and then a story character hunt which was a trick to tour the school and point out key locations and some other teachers and staff. Very clever, if you ask me. His classroom is amazing, being part of the Columbus Charter School. There is a fish pond, a reading loft, 4 24 inch iMacs, an awesomely interactive Smart board, a huge TV, a comfy reading area… it goes on and on, and this is all just in his classroom! He has Hot Lunch, of which the calendar for the entire month looks like it is food he will love. And if he doesn’t like the choices for the day, he can opt for a school provided bag lunch. And of course, he can choose between skim, 2%, or chocolate milk, OR juice. Wow, I think I am just going to go there for lunch. There are already 2 field trips planned, and lots of fun and special activities because of the Charter curriculum (more science, math, nature based).

Melody and Gus were both sad when they had to leave Kase today. And even though Kase may not acknowledge it, I think he was sad he had to leave Melody and Gus. While I wish I could be a fly in his classroom, I can’t wait to hear him talk about his day when I get home tonight!

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