30 years

The greatest toy ever invented celebrated a 30 year birthday on Monday, August 25.

The Lego minifigure was first manufactured and packed into a LEGO set the morning of August 25, 1978. Children of all ages and Lego employees around the world today commemorated the milestone by kicking off Go Miniman Go!, a movement that aims to inspire generations of LEGO children to reconnect with the adventures their minifigures enabled them to live through creative, constructive Lego play.

Over 4 billion LEGO minifigures have been produced in those thirty years. Also, the first “man on mars” was a LEGO minifugure when the Spirit and Opportunity rovers landed in 2004.

So, for me, I guess it is LEGO that created my thirst for space knowledge. Who would have thunk it?

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