Thank you

I wanted to take a moment and say thank you to everyone who sent gifts and get well cards to Kase since his surgery. He (and Gus) are enjoying it all.

Kase is getting a lot better, and that means the next few days are going to be hard. He is not supposed to rough house for another week, and still no swimming or baths for the same amount of time (he can shower, just no soaking). So every day he feels better, and everyday he wants to do more, so everyday we have to have him settle down a little bit.

Yesterday Melody helped him remove the bandages from the upper incisions. We were surprised at how big the incisions were. The good news is that there is nothing else to remove. The stitches in the lower incisions will dissolve. Yeah!

I will keep you updated on his progress, but everything seems to be great!

Thank you again for the gifts. He loves them all!

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