Swimming the Summer away

Kase finished his swim lessons on Friday. He is very happy to announce that with his next swim lessons, he will be in the really really deep water because he will be in level 3! In his class, he was the only one who could swim a half-lap with no assistance, AND he was doing side breathing and everything!

Kasimir has a small surgery coming up in the next couple of weeks. Well, we hope anyway. We are trying to get it scheduled. After that, we anticipate that he will do another swim lesson this year, but probably just that one more.

And hopefully, we can get Gus to stay in the pool for a swim lesson this summer. While Gus will jump from the fifth stair at any time, he can be super shy too. His favorite line right now is “I wanna go home!” and it doesn’t matter where we are. Usually we are at home when we hear him say it the most.

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