Does anybody out there recognize the beauty in a number like 34.7? I wanted to be able to remember it, and I didn’t have a pen with me, so what was I supposed to do. Suddenly it occurred to me. 34.73+4=7 … Ah, yes, now I will remember.

Another beautiful number happened Sunday when we went to Menards. I had a bunch of returns, and the total dollar value was $72.72. I thought, and even commented out loud to the return desk worker “Wow, what a great number. Look at the symmetry.” She wasn’t as thrilled as I was. I wonder why?

Another great number that I remember was from High School. Yes, I had the same locker for all three years at Lincoln High, so I had the same combination. But it was easy to remember. 6-25-36. And you may ask why I still remember this number, 14 years after I used it last? Well, it is because of the beauty in the number. The first number put in could be a 5 or a 6, and then you just square the number to get the second and third parts of the combination. 5 squared = 25, 6 squared = 36 Still remember it to this day.

That brings me back to 34.7. I set a new summer high for the top speed of my bicycle last night. 34.7 Miles Per Hour. A small disclaimer: I was going slightly down hill, and the wind was at my back. But I was 14 miles into a 15 mile ride. So I had a amount of reserve energy left to get up to that speed. That might be a speed that I find hard to beat unless I find some much bigger hills!

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  1. Funny. My dad always thinks in feet. His cell phone number ends in 3ft by 4 ft (3648). I guess that is why he is a pattern maker 🙂

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