Just a check-in

Just thought I would check-in, see how everybody is.

I haven’t been overly busy, therefore no excuses for the delay in posting. Just been chillin’.

We had Kase’s 5th birthday party a few weeks ago! He is very excited to be 5. And school is over for him this year, Kindergarten in fall. We enrolled him in the “Charter Discovery School,” and we hope it is the right decision. This one decision will not only affect how Kasimir is schooled for the next four years, but also has implications on what kind of schooling decision we make for Augustus.

Speaking of Gus… His favorite thing in the whole world is to ride his bike. I think if he could ride it from when he gets up in the morning until when he goes to bed, he would be happy. This summer, I am going to work on taking Kase’s training wheels off his bike, but I am thinking I may do the same for Gus. Augustus will be going to “Kase’s old school” in fall, the Columbus Preschool, and he is looking forward to that.

Speaking of Preschool… My wonderful wife Melody has decided that she will be the Columbus Preschool Board President for a year term (or more?) starting this summer. But it isn’t simply about the preschool this year, as Columbus is starting a 4K program in fall, and that involves the Columbus Preschool and other “off campus” sites in Columbus. It is really great that 4K is finally happening in Columbus, but Melody is going to be really busy with it, not to mention, of course, the expecting baby.

Speaking of the baby… We started working again on the baby’s room yesterday. Melody started sorting through clothes and organizing stuff. I took the easy route, and put the crib together again. At the end of the day, Melody sort-of kind-of wished she knew the gender of the baby so we could just garage sale off all the other clothes. Of course, we have never had a daughter, but yet we have crates of “girl” clothes. How does that work?!?

Speaking of garages… Melody and I have picked our next big project, we think. We are starting to do the preliminary planning for tearing down our existing garage, and building a new attached garage. The current garage needs a list full of costly repairs. Doing those repairs does not increase the value or convenience of the property, but having an attached garage would do both. So, possibly as early as 2009 we might do a garage addition, but first a lot of planning (and a little budget shuffling) will be required.

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  1. Sounds as if there are a whole lot of things happening at your house. I connected to the Web site of the Charter School and it seems it would be a good match for Kase. I wonder where Gus gets his enthusiasm about bicycles from? Congratulations to Melody for being the President of the preschool board. How did all the girl clothes end up at your house? Take care and my love to all of you.

  2. I wish I had an answer to where all the girl clothes came from. Maybe it is a sign of things to come!?!

  3. The Charter School sounds like a nice school and should be fun and educational. Melody, you are going to make a great President.

    Love, Mom

  4. Hi Amy –

    We are really hoping the school works out good for Kase. It is a decision we thought about and worked through for many hours. Melody gets her first run at being president officially next week, although she has been doing the duties for several weeks (seems like months) already!

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