Another Milestone

As far as house progress goes, we hit another milestone tonight. This one is small but significant enough to write about.

For the first time since March 2004, we have a front porch light again! During deconstruction of the second floor and removing of old wiring, the wires to the front porch along with ceiling lights downstairs and all the outlets were accidentally removed. A fix went into place immediately to get the first floor “back to normal,” but the front porch was put on delay, as it wasn’t a very high priority.

Well, now the front porch has it’s new siding, got it primed and painted yesterday, and tonight the new light was installed and wired. I think it looks really nice. As usual, Melody did a great job picking out the lighting design, and was crucial in giving the motivation to get the painting done. Thanx honey!

So, next time you stop by, try the new front door. Maybe by that time, the doorbell will even be installed!

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