Kasimir went to the Urologist at the UW on Friday. He did great (finally). He got to watch a cartoon, and the ultrasound tech later showed him the “fireworks” in his belly. His reaction was … “Wow!”

We have been monitoring his kidneys since he was in utero. At that time, it was found that one kidney was smaller than the other. There was also something called hydronephrosis (blockage between the kidneys and the bladder). So, Kase has had ultrasounds every six months to monitor the situation even though he was not having any related problems.

After the scan on Friday, the doctor said his kidneys are growing normally, but there is still a slight hydronephrosis condition. After consulting with another doctor, it was decided that since he has had no problems to date, it would be written off as “that is the way he is.”

It is a relief to Melody and I. Also to Kase, although he is too young to realize.

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