Mario Kart

Mario Kart is the new game that I got for my Wii (Wii Number: 4905 9507 0087 5739; Kart Friend Code: 2277 7049 9637). It is the first game that I have that allows me to play online against friends (hence the Kart Friend Code above) or just random players.

Gus and Kase have caught on how to play immediately as well. Their driving needs a little help occasionally, but with the simplified control system of Mario Kart (just turn left to go left, turn right to go right), they will be competitive soon, and maybe even learn a few tricks of the track.

I went online the other night to go head to head with some other racers. I chose to race against Regional (ie. North America) racers, and had a good time. Well, an OK time because I am sure I was eating a lot of dirt from all the 12 year olds I was racing against. Over time I will improve, hopefully.

One of my main goals right now is to unlock the 16 hidden tracks and the extra characters. The problem to doing this is that I have to play single player. And that means Kase and Gus have to watch, or I have to play when they are in bed. And of course, there are duties around the house that need to get done that I typically do after Kase and Gus are sleeping. And further more, I want to spend as much time as I can with Melody.

A time problem that everyone has. I can’t imagine how I would manage my time if I let some of it get taken up by a satellite or cable TV service!?!


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