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So, I bought a over-the-air digital tuner with the help of my $40 government coupon.

So, now I have another remote to lose. Great! But I have the benefits of digital, over-the-air channel and broadcast guides. For those of you with cable or satellite, you may be used to this. But for me, it is a whole new toy to play with.

One of the biggest problems I am having at this point is getting stations in. I used to get, most of these fuzzy to some sort, CBS, NBC, PBS, ABC, FOX, some religious channel, and the WB. Now I get 2 channels for CBS, 5 for PBS, 5 for the religious channel, and 1 for WB. And the signal drops in and out, instead of at times getting less fuzzy and more fuzzy. Rather annoying. Maybe I will see what kind of results I get with my other antenna.


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  1. How does the picture compare for the channels you do get? I always had trouble with fox 47 because they broadcast in vhf frequency 11, but I think they are going to change that at some time. I’m not sure why PBS needs so many channels. Also, here in La Crosse the high def feed is on 31.2 instead of 31.1 for PBS. Kind of weird. Were you able to use an existing antenna or do you have to get a new one?

  2. Mark – if all we are gonna get is CBS, PBS once in a while, and all the religous channels, we will have to do SOMETHING. I don’t WANT to buy and install a NEW antenna but what other options do we have? Wonder if you can return an antenna once you try it out and find it doesn’t help…

  3. Mel – you should try if Troy hasn’t already. That will tell you the type of antenna you will need and I would think any decent retailer would allow you to return it if it doesn’t work out. I’ve found that the new antennas are MUCH better than the older models. Mine is only about 16″ square and lives in a closet in my basement. I generally get signals of 75% to 85%.

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