Monday again

Boy, I have been slacking on the number of posts the past couple of days, and only two days to go in April. I guess it shows how important posting is. ah well.

Kasimir, Augustus, and I ventured into Madison yesterday with one main goal. Pick up Mario Kart Wii. Of course, we did a few other things, like return a T-shirt (Kase and Gus picked out a new Spider-Man T-shirt for me), get Gus a “lefty” baseball glove, get an extra steering wheel for Kart, and picked-up an over the air Digital TV tuner (using my $40 government credit).

I am sure it is surprising to you, but while we did rush home to play Kart, we did not play it all night long. We played for 51 minutes before we headed back outside for one more bike ride (up to the post office) and a quick game of baseball. Gus’s new glove worked good, and he is proud of it. After dinner, we went in and played Star Wars Lego, which is still the best game ever according to my boys.

I will share some details about Kart and the Digital TV tuner later. Those are mini-adventures by themselves.


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