East Towne Mall Play Area Petition

Please sign this petition for getting a play area built in East Towne Mall.The link is listed below. Please also consider forwarding this email on.The more signatures we collect, the more impact this petition will have in getting a play area sponsored.


East Towne Mall supports having a play area built, however they have been unable to get sponsors—many saying they did not feel it worthwhile to build a play area. If you are unsure what a play area looks like, please visit the following website: http://www.playtimeco.com to give you a better idea.(There is also a good possibility that East Towne Mall will use this company to build our play area. They have used this company in the past.)

Most malls have play areas for parents and children to safely relax and play. It would be great to have one located on the East side of Madison.Even if you don’t live on the East side of Madison, you probably travel to East Towne Mall on occasion and have noticed the need. Please consider supporting this petition as it is open to all residents of South Central Wisconsin.

This petition with your signature will be sent with a letter to potential sponsors (local businesses) stating the need for a play area and asking for their financial support. If you have any questions regarding this, please feel free to contact me at the following email: Jessica_Schnake@hotmail.com Thank you for your support.


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