Crazy drivers

Have you ever seen some of these crazy drivers on the road. They are not paying attention. Most of them are talking on the cell phone, putting on lipstick, shaving, smoking-drinking-and-on-the-phone at-the-same-time, or other ridiculous things. Today, I saw someone texting while driving. Not surprisingly, I passed them on the left because they were going so slow.

But still the topper for me was what I saw a couple of days ago. A woman was driving, coming into Madison from the North on 151, approaching the I90/94 interchange. She was going slower than normal, and as I passed her, I saw she had an eyelash curler in her hands. I don’t know how these work, or even what they do, but I can’t believe someone was doing this while they were driving.

Oh well, we live in a society where people thrive on not paying attention. What is the difference if they are on the road.


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