Across the street, a new family is moving in.

I have talked with the “man of the house,” Dwayne (I think), and he seems like a nice enough guy. They plan to move in April 30th.

Well, like many houses in Columbus, their house is older and requires some work. So there are contractors around. This week must be the key week to get stuff done, as the last two days have seemed like a circus around here.

As I was watching the roofers put on the new roof today, I noticed a piece of plastic fly up in the air, away from the house. It got hooked on a power line, slid along the line, towards our house, and stopped there. I figured it could be up there for days. But a few moments later, it came down, and of course, it headed for, and landed on, our property.

My first thought was “Great. Something else I have to clean up because of some stupid people. And this time they are not even working on my house.” Not that a single piece of plastic is a big deal, or anything to make a fuss over. But it is typical.

But then, to my surprise, I saw a guy from the roofing crew run over and pick it up! I am impressed. Now I am thinking that if I ever need my roof done and am too lazy to do it myself, I may have to give these guys a call. But first, I will have to see how they do for the rest of the week. And secondly, I will have to talk to Dwayne to see if he recommends them.


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