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As little T3 gets bigger and bigger (now at week 16, T3 is about the size of an avocado), we are doing more things to get ready. One of the “items on the list” is to pick out a name.

So, for the past few days, the baby name books have been laying around. Today Melody and I were going through them, trying to figure out some pieces of the puzzle. We have a couple of names we like, but I am not sharing right now.

Anyway, while Melody was working tonight, Kase picked up one of the books, sat on the couch, and was just paging through it while “Lady and the Tramp” played in the background. I wasn’t paying much attention to what Kase was doing, as he likes to just pick up books, and page through them, even though he can’t really read yet.

Well, out of the blue, Kase says, “Daddy, I found my name!” I don’t know what he is talking about, so I walk over to him. Sure enough, he is pointing at “Kasimir” in the book.

I am shocked.

I don’t know where he started in the book. I know he didn’t start from the beginning (it is a 30,001 Baby Names book with girls first, Kasimir on page 269), but that doesn’t dull the point at all. He paged through this book enough to find his name in an alphabetical sort.

Should I not be amazed? Is this normal for a 4 & 11/12 year old child? I guess I shouldn’t even ask because no matter how you answer, I am still going to be shocked, amazed, and proud.


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