Baby times

My cuz Heather came over today, and brought her son Hunter and daughter Jacy with her (that reminds me, I should work on fixing her link image on the right). Anyway, seeing Jacy, her baby, and seeing what having a baby is like kind of made me a littler nervous.

And scared.

And happy.

And excited.

And awestruck.

In five months, we will have a baby again, and I don’t know if these are the right words, but it is easy to forget how much work it is and what it is like. While I feel comfortable and confident that I can be a good dad to an infant again, there is this mix of feelings stirring.

Here is another thing. I always have felt that with an infant, people should calm down there life a little. Specifically, parents shouldn’t travel. An infant has a schedule, and a good parent can read the cues and know when the baby should rest, eat, play, poop, and all sorts of stuff. Well, traveling really makes it hard to keep with that schedule. Next year, I will be that parent taking our infant on a trip. As we have for the last few years, spring break of 2009 will see us heading South to visit Melody’s mom. It is already making me nervous a little about having a baby, and now I am already nervous about traveling with it.

This will be a long year. And rewarding I am sure.


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  1. You & Melody are such great parents – you’ll do just great. Traveling with an infant is kind of scarey though.

  2. I really think it is because of Melody that Kase and Gus and hopefully T3 turned out so wonderfully. She loves *wink wink* when I say that.

    Oh, and also, thanks for easing my fears about traveling with T3. I will sleep much better.

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