Furnace Fun

We now have installed a new furnace in our house. Also, a new air conditioner. Also a new AprilAire filter (one of those big ones), and an AprilAire humidifier.

The furnace/filter/humidifier is great. It is super quiet, and there has been a noticeable difference in air quality in our house. And of course, knowing that the system is more efficient than our old oil furnace, well, it is just a nice relief.

Our furnace/air conditioner are Comfortmaker, and so far, I would recommend them to anyone. That brings up the weird thing, in my experiences, about HVAC brands. For us, the quality of the installer is the most important aspect. From that point on, whatever they install is fine. I know some people out there are very specific about what brands they install, but I disagree with that notion. If the installer is trustworthy, reliable, and what you expect and want, then why not just trust the product they install?

I have to run the wiring for the air conditioner in the next couple of weeks, but that will be simple enough. Simple enough for me, at least.


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