The Man Party

OK, So Melody had a jewelry party tonight. It was great for me. I could have got some earrings, maybe a bracelet or two. But I didn’t. None of it was my style.

And soon she wants to have a Tupperware party. Well, I like Tupperware, but none of my friends are going to come over and look at the new products of 2008. And then she could have a Pampered Chef party, and a Make-Up party (oh yeah, that’s right, she sells that), and a purse party, and, well, it seems to go on and on.

But what can us guys do?

I thought about a tool party. But those are expensive, and a lot of guys have their certain types of tools they purchase. Maybe a game party, you know, computer games or console games (good guy stuff), but nobody is going to come to a party to look at games. How about an exercise party. See the latest and greatest workout devices. Wrong again. That might be a little weird to check out exercise equipment with another guy.

Maybe the problem is a man’s need for immediate gratification. If I do buy something at a party, I want it now, so I can use it as soon as you leave.

Maybe there is something out there that could constitute a party for the men. But I haven;t heard of it yet. If you know of something, let me know, and maybe I will host one.


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