Double Dooo-dy

Last night I had a first happen, on April 1st, of all days.

Kase yells out “I gotta go poopie!” and runs for the bathroom.

Not five seconds later, Gus yells out “Me too!” and runs after Kase.

Well, now we have a problem. There is only one bathroom on the main floor, and of course, it has only one toilet. Upstairs we have two bathrooms, two toilets, therefore the logistics are a little easier (if you are confused, remember that the boys still can not successfully wipe themselves, although Kase is starting to attempt this feat on certain occasions {with decent results} ). Well, Kase didn’t want to go upstairs. So, I told Gus that because he was second (no pun intended), he had to go upstairs. Kase got settled in, and Gus and I headed upstairs.

After getting Gus settled, and being told to leave, I head back downstairs, check on Kase, and am politely asked to leave and close the door. So, I go about cleaning up dinner, and I hear “I’m done,” every parent’s favorite call! I check on Kase as I thought that was where the call came from, but he says it was Gus.

Back upstairs I go, hoping to catch Gus while he was still “sitting” and I do. I clean him up, he washes his hands (and I wash mine) and off we go to see how Kase is doing. Kase is finishing as Gus checks on him, and I go to take care of my eldest. Everything returns to normal.

This was a first for me, having two number 2’s at the same time. So, since this is the Second of April, I thought I would post it.

And don’t worry, the following link has nothing to do with poo.



  1. I squeezed one in last night after you left your comment. The trick will be to try and post on Saturday and Sunday when I am oh-so busy (notice sarcasm here).

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