A Post a day…

“A post a day keeps the doctor away.”

Or something like that.

As part of my mental experiment, I will be posting something every day of April. If you are lucky, you may get multiple posts on some of the days. I am just testing myself, to see if I can pull it off.

I have some things queued up and ready to go, stuff about the 2008 Bike MS, some movie stuff (hopefully not PE stuff), family things, birthday things, and just other quirky things (OK, most of it will probably be quirky).

Who knows, maybe there will be a diamond in the rough.

I’ll number them for you, so you will know what post from April we are in. Now, I do have to say the numbers are not just going to be numbers. I will do a link in the number for every day, something pertaining to the number, and hopefully, it will be relative. We’ll start at the beginning.


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  1. How could this be an April fool’s joke? It is just an endurance test, if you want to put it that way. See how “fit” I am if I want to be.

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