Work Excuses to see the filming of “Public Enemies”

If you are coming to Columbus to watch the filming of “Public Enemies” next week, here are some movie related excuses the Kris’s and I (I think all the good ones are from the Kris’s) put together to help you get out of work. (Some are better than others, use any at your own risk)

  • Suffering from Depp-pression
  • Even worse, Mann-ic Depp-pression
  • I can’t leave my house – the paparazzi are swarming all over the place
  • I think I have Depp-theria
  • Need to take a Mann-datory sick day
  • Sorry Boss, but it is a Christian holiday (or Day of Christian Observance)
  • In jail – need someone to post Bale
  • After Bale is posted I have to go to court and give a Depp-osition
  • I’m getting Marion in the morning – sung to the tune of “Get Me To the Church On Time”
  • I need to return Crocket and Tubbs Italian sport coats, and finally
  • Arg! I’ve got Scurvy!

Be sure to check out these sites for daily updates on the movie:
Public Enemies – Columbus
Hollywood, WI

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