“Meldody’s home!”

Kase and Gus have been so cute these last two weeks. OK, I’ll admit it, they are always cute… for example, when they were singing ‘Jingle Bells’ the whole time they were at Kohl’s earlier this week, and all the other customers thought it was the cutest thing… but that is not the point here. The last two weeks have been particularly interesting.

Kase is at that age (I think I heard this is a common thing) where he has started to call Melody “Melody” instead of Mom (actually, it is more like “Meldody,” and that makes it even cuter). And of course, whatever Kasimir is doing, Augustus is doing also. So Melody has been constantly hearing “Meldody, Gus took my plane” or “I love you Meldody” and so on.

I was trying to figure out the reason. I know my sister told me about when her oldest Braedon called her “Tracy.” I think she thought the reason was because Chris her husband would call her Tracy, so I went along with that reason for Kase. But Melody pointed out a whole different reason, and I think it might be more accurate. All of Kase’s friends at Preschool and elsewhere call her Melody. So, it just makes sense that Kase would do the same. Call it Peer Pressure at four years old.

Now, I am never called “Troy” except for when we are talking about what our “other” names are. I am always dad. But, Kase’s friends generally don’t know my name, since I am not at the pool during swim lessons or taking Kase to school or on the schoolboard.

So, the next time you are around Kase and Melody, listen closely to see if you hear Kase call Melody “Meldody.” I can guarantee it will put a smile on your face.

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  1. You’re right “they are always cute”. Cameron was in to calling Dad Chuck this past summer.

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