Nice Hardwood

Voice over PA: “Welcome to the Petrified Forest. The world’s largest site of petrified wood.”

Beavis and Butthead: “Huh huh huh huh wood.”

Voice over PA: “You may wonder, how can wood get so hard?”

Hey, we got our hardwood floors refinished, and man, do they look sweet. I mean, really awesome. I can’t wait to see what they look like in daylight (I will explain this only if you ask).

We pushed the carpet installers back to Tuesday, just to make sure the wood finishing had time to rest a little. So, by tomorrow afternoon, our house will be just about brand new.

I am trying to figure out when I will get some pictures up to show you. I think it will happen this week sometime, but no guarantees. The three of you will just have to be patient.

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  1. Well I found out Melody took some great daylight pictures yesterday after the carpeting was installed. My goal is to post them tonight, so the world can see our house, our colors, and of course our boys loving the new carpeting.

  2. The house looks awesome! I can’t wait to see more pictures, or better yet, to see it in person. I also heard the dining set is in. Great for you guys!!

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