Two to Four Days

I had my car in yesterday for an oil change, 15,000 mile check up, and a few other small things that are covered under warranty. One of the items on the list is that my digital odometer is fading to the point that I cannot reliably tell how many miles I have driven.

When I picked up the car, I asked if they had looked at the odometer. The service guy said yes, and then said they will have to order the parts. Once the parts are in, they will give me a call to arrange to have it fixed. He went on to say they will need the car in the shop for two to four days! I expected he was going to say hours, and needless to say, I was a little surprised.

So, until my parts come in, all I can think about is what car I should take for my loaner. I am leaning towards the Hyundai Tiburon, but it might be difficult for Melody to deliver pizzas with it, although her “boys” at work would be impressed!

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