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    Posted on November 12th, 2007 troy No comments

    After getting home from our day trip to get Melody a birthday gift and a few other things, Kasimir, Augustus, Melody, and I sat down for a friendly dice game of L-C-R.

    L-C-R stands for Left! Center! Right! Growing up we played this game “up north” for pennies, nickels, or quarters, and we used regular dice (4, 5, & 6 representing L, C, & R).

    Last night we played one game for Teddy Grahams (Gus won in a crazy twist at the end), and the second game for Candy Corns (Troy won, WooHoo!). Kase was ready for a rematch, but instead, we shared our winnings and ate Ice Cream! Everybody wins when there is Ice Cream!

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